keeping up with the times

published on march 9, 2020 || mood: cold

*looks at clock*

Good heavens, look at the time, it's been about a decade since my last blog entry. Well, time to finally come out of my slumber and talk about some things that not many people care about.

Welcome back to a new and improved PajamaFrix site! I apologize for the lack of the updates recently, I've been super busy with school and other projects just get in the way and just, bleugh. In the previous decade, I finally got around to improving my 3D modelling career by not making many logo remakes as I used to, and even start to work on a new website. Plus, given how I don't think there's anybody who reads this shit at all, so what's the point of posting if nobody's going to read this? People are mostly here for my portfolio and not much else.

But whatever, I'm still going to make a blog entry explaining what's been going on in the past few months and else. With that said, let's begin: