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KFRX is an internet-protocol (IP) radio station run by PajamaFrix. this station is based out of the Siouxland area, hosted in Chicago, IL, and also in simulcast on park city radio. this station is purely IP-based and therefore is not transmitting over any frequencies.

KFRX provides a variety of music, including genres such as alternative, ska, and techno music, from the likes of ben folds, aphex twin, and various others. KFRX also relays messages from the local National Weather Service office in Sioux Falls and is a proud participant of the Nationwide Encoder Relay Program (NERP), a hobbyist program dedicated to receiving EAS bulletins throughout the nation via IP streaming.

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programming (powered by rivendell)

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*not all alerts relayed are from this location

**not including other NERP stations

2020 pajamafrix/serket communications. i am not making any profit off of this
not to be confused with 106.3 KFRX in lincoln NE.