various characters I've made

  • 2015

    The first proper character I did was back in 2015, however concepts were done in late-2014. The original design was based upon and named after an old computer game from the 1990s, however has changed over the next few years.

    Frix reference sheet (2019)

    I also worked on making a female version of the character, however soon got rid of it because I wasn't satisfied with it.

    Also around this time, I made some more characters for a failed webcomic involving a cat who had super powers and could shapeshift into a human. These designs were later scrapped, however reused for other characters.

  • 2016-17

    I took a break from the last character and designed six new characters. These were meant for various webseries concepts that never came to fruition. Hell, two of these characters were reused for one of said series.

    Unfortunately, these characters lack reference sheets/models.

  • 2018

    I began the year with the introduction of Alexa, a character that, though loosely resembles another character from another show, was based upon somebody I saw in a dream. The colors I used for the character were also based upon the "EGA" color palette, though her hoodie was changed to teal/cyan.

    Alexa and Frix (2018)

    Alexa reference sheet (2019)

    During the summer, I designed another character with a similar design, though based upon the CGA palette, however eventually scrapped the design.

    Untitled girl character crossing arms (2018)

    Untitled girl character posing (2018)

  • 2019

    Near the end of the school year, I had thought up of making a webseries featuring the two characters I didn't scrap and to go along with that throwing another character in along with the two: Phoebe. A cat fan who acts like a cat, works at a Blockbuster Video, and is Alexa's sister.

    Originally, I had thought about giving her a scarf, though at first I didn't like it and removed it, though I eventually added her scarf back late-year.

    Phoebe reference sheet (2019)

  • 2020

    During the beginning of the year, I made a fox character named ELL-E. This character is still being worked on.

    The most recent character I made was Bella... I couldn't really think up of any other name for her. While she has cat ears and a tail, she isn't related to the other two girl characters in the series, though both her and Phoebe work at the same Blockbuster.

    Ell-E concept art (2020)

    Bella reference sheet (2020)