a little (more) housekeeping

posted at 12:53 pm CT

a lot has happened throughout the past few weeks/months for me. i've been hard at work on quite a bit of things, one of those being a new site design, the other is a new blog post. in the months since then, i've been cleaning up the place here and there. I have a full site update planned and ready to go, along with that a blog entry to match. to summarize the changes that have been implemented so far:

  • portfolio & miscellaneous pages got a major revamp
  • introduction of the 'Prevue Guide Tutorial' and the 'dream log'
  • introduced a new button and footer
  • portfolio header has been updated
  • RSS feed fixed up and ready to re-serve
  • KFRX-IP has officially returned

on the other hand, here are some of the changes that will be implemented very soon:

  • updated home page
  • removal of the twitter feed, instead social media links and an about section take its place
  • return of the main page header
  • 'whats new' section now features a portfolio section
  • updated articles page, with buttons in a similar style to the upcoming main page header
  • pages now have backgrounds
  • brand new headers
  • maybe a new landing page

there's still a few more that i may have not mentioned, however you should be able to see it once the site returns. until then, i hope to see you all very soon!
frix/sam/whatev (p.s. this entry replaces the 'hellscape but not really' one because i feel like it would be better if i incorporated it into the newer one, plus i didn't like how it was written at the time.)

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