Render with Chunky.
Render with Chunky. In-game screenshot with Super Duper Vanilla shaders. alien fella (initial July 16, 2023 addition) 2024 revision (full view) pea brain (later January 23, 2024 revision) The slice of cake sliced from the original (added Jan 23, 2024)

Auri (@revaurii) 2023 Birthday Cake

January 23, 2023

Built in celebration of another friend’s birthday, in addition with some digital art of her on the box art for Super Mario 64.

I’ve had this planned way ahead of time. About a week before the day I planned out how it would look and even went ahead and sketched it out, honestly one of the first and only times I’ve ever actually done it for a project on such a scale.

While building I decided to skip out on adding certain things originally featured on the sketch just to make things easier for myself. Notably, I also didn’t bother including her alien character that’s currently her icon on social media. A few months after building this I decided to add them. It’s not enough to warrant a rerender though.

2024 UPDATE: As I didn’t feel like doing much else on 1/23/24, I went back and revised the alien (re-built from scratch, initially kind of rushed it) I added a few months earlier, as well as adding the slice of cake that I intentionally removed from the original build, mainly as a “one-year celebration” of me building this a year ago. With the server I build on finally upgraded to 1.20 I could take advantage of newer block types, and after some looking around I decided on the ‘Block of Bamboo’ as I felt it was a good match.

Despite all of the later additions, this will remain in the 2023 section of the gallery.