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dream log
retellings of dreams i was able to remember

This is still a work in progress! This, along with many other pages on my website, is currently being redone from the ground up. Please be patient while I try to get every page functional again.

August 2023


had a dream i went to see a movie at some local cinema at the same time with some class from a school or somewhere. near the end i pulled out my phone to take a picture of the emptied auditorium, but the preinstalled camera app kept preventing me.

after further research it seemed that there was a new iOS update that “prevented photography or video recording whilst at a movie theater to circumvent piracy”, especially considering when i exited the theatre, my camera would let me take pictures just fine.

June 2023


had a dream where i made a fake hotel mario leak for the game boy advance and the vtech v-smile (of all things)

November 2022


dream one: i was at my grandparents house (RIP) and i was messing with a laptop they had running windows vista and had DOSbox installed and interfacing with a modem I found around their house. I boot up a session with windows 3.1 and try to connect to the prodigy internet service provider.

after an attempt to connect, i hear some “your call could not be completed” messages followed by an AT&T message telling you that you still have not proceeded to complete a switch from a cable subscription to a landline subscription and demands you go to their website for more information, with the latter message being heavily distorted, clipping and barely audible. i couldn’t seem to turn it down unless i unplugged the modem. before i could, i woke up for a short while, then went back to bed.

dream two: the second dream involved me hearing that somebody was going to leak a build of minecraft (on youtube) that had never released along with its source code, leading me to apparently look through some old OBS recordings of me playing minecraft with friends. i found one from around 2020-ish that I didn’t remember recording but had me building a sculpture of the webtoon ‘ENA’ in a old server of mine.

October 2022


dreamt that there was a new iOS update that allowed the end user to change the user interface to resemble earlier versions of iOS. also went to a small family house party since it was halloween.

September 2022


i took a trip to poland and stopped by an arcade. i also couldn’t find my way out.

June 2022


dream one: i was given a school assignment relating to 20th century fox’s home entertainment division.

dream two: i joined a survival minecraft server, tried to progress, and immediately got my ass handed to me.


i kept waking up on and off every two hours, so there were multiple dreams had that night.

the first one i had i did not remember, but the second was me watching an paid programming infomercial for america online 7.0 of all things. it showed the consumer what AOL was, how to hook it up, and a sample of what all you could find on AOL, it felt very nostalgic


dream one: i had a frozen piece of cake or something with a little bit of pepsi at the bottom that i didn’t know until a bit into doing so that it was apparently laced with alcohol, there was just enough of an opening for me to try and slowly pour it down, and eventually i think i got drunk or something.

dream two: i was driving somewhere with track 14 from the earlier incarnation of weatherscan playing in my head.

dream three: one of my twitter pals hosted a creative minecraft server and i joined it. it was massive (just as if not more massive than frixcraft is) and had a bunch of sculptures, mostly built as fanart for that artist. I remember building something but unfortunately the exact specifics have left me.

May 2022


I went to go see a movie rerun at one of our theaters. I remember the cinema was packed and the cinema just used the film copy instead of projecting it digitally. I also remember a friend handing me two bootleg DVDs, one of them being the Jim Carrey Grinch movie, the other the movie we were about to see. I assume that thought that i would make an illegal cam of the movie we were about to watch so they handed it to me to get an idea. I just sat back and watched the film.

March 2022


had a dream about me playing minecraft back in the previous decade and coming across a massive voxelized toilet without a lid, though more particularly had a girl standing behind it saying the words “get on”. then i remembered a memory of this exact build being found all the way back in 2014 on an old server i used to frequent.

i would eventually build this in minecraft, along with turning her into an actual character of mine.

February 2022


saw myself walking around a seemingly empty and abandoned indoor mall, the walls were tiles that seemed faded, there was a bunch of audible air conditioning, a huge fountain near the middle that was still apparently running, and only one store still open: a hy-vee (local midwest grocery store chain) location with a heavily decaying sign.

there was also the scars/remains of where a dollar tree sign used to be on one of the empty stores. (with fiberglass insulation peeping out of where the sign used to be.) i also happened to be the only person in there. all i heard was the ambiance of fluroescent light buzzing and a distinct local radio station with intense reverb.


i watched an episode of OK KO that introduced two different characters for exactly one episode only


all i could recall was that time was going by really fast, a bit into the dream the time skipped all the way to december, a little bit before 2023 hit.


i was riding home from school on a dark, cloudy evening, and was checking my discord server list on my phone, then i see a few of my friends (same batch from the previous dream, plus a few more) were in a voice call and i hopped in. one of them was laughing very hard at a strange gif of hugh neutron from ‘the adventures of jimmy neutron’.

January 2022


i woke up really early and joined a call with four of my friends where we just looked at files on our drives and previous computers.


had a strange dream about a NOAA weather radio station that was located in some kind of submarine that had to be loaded in the ocean to operate. one day, i decided to tune in only to hear that the station was having issues. i later learned that, for it to be fixed, they had to cease transmission and force it back onto land just to get it fixed.

for some reason it also had the DECtalk ‘perfect paul’ voice when the station was offline, instead of the modern-day voicetext TTS system that they use or a pre-recorded loop with actual voices.


i had a dream that i was watching ‘fred: the series’ on nickelodeon where there was an episode about fred having a nightmare about him flunking school for some reason and his father (surprisingly not played by john cena, but george lopez of all people) was upset. except before the episode showed his anger there was a skit where he came home from work, got cereal, showed the viewer how he makes cereal (i fondly remember one point where he just looks at the camera and recommends milk to make cereal taste better). then the entire episode is about fred doing school work and something like that i don’t remember anymore.

December 2021


i was playing on the “official” eddsworld minecraft server (doesn’t even exist lol), went to bed (within a dream, i know) and woke up the next day with a headache that led me to stay home from school.

September 2021


i dreamt that the VCR i was using at the time (JVC HR-S3500U) suddenly started rejecting tapes, and every tape that would get ejected would have the tape chewed up.

June 2021


i stopped by a thrift store, followed by a really strange and somewhat empty grocery store with a very small retro video game section. i found both a PS2 slim and a PSone that seemed to remain on and locked up even after they were unplugged.

May 2021


i was going through discord servers then suddenly saw an old server that i used to be in still in my list. i hopped into a voice conference and talked to an old friend about wayside, the television series and other things. i looked through the messages and had a burst of nostalgia hit me as i saw messages like “OH NO YOU DIDN’T” from former friends of his, considering he got in trouble around a period of time.

April 2021


i went to a thrift store (possibly a goodwill) and found a bunch of old technology and a shit ton of blank tapes, i fittingly heard ‘ebay’ by ‘weird’ al yankovic play over the radio system as soon as i walked in, too. it felt too real until i woke up and realized it was all a dream.

November 2020


I was at my old house cleaning my room and listening to a weather radio. At some point, two emergency alert system tests were sent out. One just happened and ended fairly quickly, but then about 2 minutes later, they issue another one, however this time the audio gets all echo-y, with a bunch of radio stations in the background relaying the same message. A good example of how this test sounded would be this video.

September 2020


I found some telecine of a 35mm ad on YouTube featuring 19/2000 by Gorillaz as it’s background track. What I thought was more interesting was that it seemed to be a recording from a cable box, as a few seconds of the beginning were skipped and instead showed a black screen with show information at the bottom.


i was watching south park on comedy central in glorious 4:3 (no clue why, considering they air the “remastered” versions nowadays), when suddenly the episode they were playing started to have some massive signal degredation, to the point where they brought up a bunch of technical difficulty slides.

although the majority of them were standard SMPTE color bars, it concluded with one featuring the UPN screen bug in the lower left corner of the screen on a cloudy background with text announcing technical difficulties. moments later, a british voiceover came on and announced that they had accidentally aired the wrong episode of south park and that they were working to correct the issue, followed by whatever episode was scheduled for that day to play.

August 2020


First began with me being out and about somewhere, second part had me accidentally tripping and throwing a water bottle beneath my desk, hitting the left side where my computer resided and somehow combusting, causing my computer to abruptly shut off. After a couple of minutes of panicking and cleaning the computer, I was able to get it back on, however the computer suddenly thought it was a laptop, showing a battery icon in the taskbar and said it was charging at 50%.

July 2020


I had a dream about a THX parody I found and scared me. I initially found it in some video where some guy explores the deep web, discovering the video however the volume was absolutely distorted, however eventually I stumbled upon the source and watched it myself without the loud volume. It started in a similar fashion to the first Tex trailer, however before Tex takes off to fix the logo, one of the robots from the movie Wall-E (don’t remember which one) came in. Shortly after that, Tex’s hat suddenly lifts off with a bunch of metalic hands coming out, leading the other robot to take the mallet from Tex’s hand and bashes him until he passes out, which is where the video ends.


had a dream where I was eating at an outdoor Panera Bread I dreamt about around 2007-08. (not listed as i don’t have an exact date)

June 2020


I had a dream that there was an Evaporate 21 (there is now, but it’s nothing like the dream I had). All I remember is that one of my characters were there standing outside of a low-poly 3D house.


me and a few kids at school were given an assignment to make a commercial of our own, and we used one of those VHS-C camcorders for a camera.

April 2020


i stop by an apparently new cinema in my local area to apparently see a new ‘austin powers’ movie. all i know is that the dream suddenly ended with me saying “wait, we’re supposed to be on lockdown!”.

March 2020


i got my hands on a non-existent ‘GPD Win’ handheld computer that very loosely resembled the OQO model 02. later on in the dream I don’t remember what I did, but the screen managed to fall off.

February 2020


i was in a voice call in a discord server with some friends, live showing some random youtube thumbnails before being suddenly ejected from the call without warning.


I was heading home from somewhere listening to some SiriusXM radio station, when suddenly Space Cube - Session came on.

January 2020


i got to guest star in a collaborative music video for Never Gonna Give You Up recorded entirely within minecraft. i remember it being one continuous camera shot with multiple things going on in the background

December 2019


i was at a local wal-mart, ready to leave, when i take notice of a small arcade section up near the entrance/exit of the store. one of the cabinets i notice was a dance dance revolution cabinet with the screen powered off.

since most of the cabinet’s lights were lit, i went up onto the pad, stepped on one of the arrows, and the screen suddenly popped on with the windows XP installation screen, saying it had about 60 minutes left of installation.


I happened to dream about a 2000s-styled amateur 3D animation reel I made, starting with a parody of the 20th Century Fox logo, then cutting to one of my characters climbing up a ladder in a smoky environment, and finally ending with a Universal Studios parody.