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links to places that i think are cool.

Most of the links on this page are off-site. Some content may not be suitable for all viewers, but then again so is mine, lol. The internet is an interesting place. This page is meant for all the sites that are interesting in my eyes.

linking back

Do you have a website and are interested in linking back to me? All I ask is that you do not hotlink my button! Instead, please host it on your web site.

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Dedicated to some of the greats.

park citizens

parkcity eblu cloud w/ lightning invisibleup mirrorprism saturnlink scoliwings silvercruiser roxie juggalibre xyzzy

everyone else

theblookyoob block_618 encounters ltd exo the forever neighborhood genesisjam infinitysnapz lynk mercator msx nova sys128 trusty wirthec

other places

  • emma essex heckscaper
    music, plugins, resources, you name it! good stuff
  • TWC archive
    an entire wiki dedicated to documenting the TV channel ‘The Weather Channel’ and a bit of its community.
  • webtv redialed
    a community of folks aiming to replicate the webtv service almost very accurately. i did the design of their current website!