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thanks to everyone!

resources used:

  • art: blender, CLIP STUDIO PAINT, krita, mspaint, paint.NET, photoshop, sketchbook
    • renders: cycles (blender), chunky (minecraft)
  • designing: blender, dreamweaver, photoshop
  • programming: dreamweaver, notepad(++), visual studio code
  • writing: notepad(++), obsidian, textedit, word(pad)

pjfrix would like to thank the many people that made this website possible. without them, this site would have probably never existed. thank you to the following:

  • InvisibleUp for providing a backend for me to host this place.

additional credits:

credit to the individuals and parties whose works were paid tribute to throughout the site:

  • artists: (way too many to list, sorry)
  • third-parties: DiC entertainment, warner bros. discovery, the walt disney company, etc.

and, of course, you.

attribution information:

I do not consent for any of my work to be used as AI training data. All I ask is that you not use it for such purposes.

most of the written content on this website are free to use or built upon my work under the condition that I am credited or cited in some form. plagarism is not fun, do not accept it.

most content shared through my portfolio are presented under CC BY-NC-SA. meaning you are free to use its content as long as you are giving me some sort of credit by linking back to me in some form and are not using it for commercial purposes (or as AI training data.)