a little (more) housekeeping

posted at 12:53 pm CT

a lot has happened throughout the past few weeks/months for me. i've been hard at work on quite a bit of things, one of those being a new site design, the other is a new blog post. in the months since then, i've been cleaning up the place here and there. I have a full site update planned and ready to go, along with that a blog entry to match.


a little housekeeping

posted at 7:06 pm CT

I'm still working on a new blog post right now, in the meantime I'm reorganizing the site and updating some stuff left and right. Don't fret whenever something changes.


music make you lose control

posted at 4:02pm

While I try to write up a new blog post, why not mention a little something i've been working on?

As you may not already know, i now got my own radio station! well, sorta. i don't have a license to transmit, so instead it's hosting via icecast and does things, mostly music.