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the return 04-12-2019

Hello and welcome back.

You’ve probably noticed that the site looks completely different than before, and that the ‘landing’ page no longer states that this site is “under construction,” instead linking to both this and my other site. You’re probably also wondering where the hell I’ve been and why I haven’t been updating this site in about 3 years. I’ll try and explain those in the best way I can…

First of all, the design. I have decided to go for, instead of a 1990s geocities-ish look, a more modern and clean looking site design, or what I would like to call a “version 5.” With that being said I have archived all of the old pages on this domain and I have plans to reupload all of that onto another domain. I have also moved some of the code from a couple of other pages on the other domain to this domain. Speaking of the other domain, at the moment the other site will not be updated like the design for this one.

That’s one out of the way, now to explain about why I haven’t been updating the site. I’m lazy. Various things get in the way and after I’m done with those I go and do something else like playing a game, taking a nap, doing school/homework, or something like that. In my opinion, websites are hard to maintain and update too often.

And that’s all I’ve been wanting to say, at least for now. In the case that I don’t add anything new or something goes wrong, I’m always active over on Twitter.

Thank you, and goodnight. Frix