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late-may checkup 05-29-2019

salutations once again! just checking into the site and bringing some new updates to the table. now that I’m finally done with school, i’m hopefully able to start working on some actual stuff instead of being a lazy bum all the damn time.

first of all, you may have noticed (or not if you’re new here), I have finally added an archive to the blog’s sidebar. given that the site (at the time as I’m typing this) is mostly finished and I have no clue what else to add.

second, I’m also in the process of reinserting all of the old pages from the very-old site to this one. this is probably something that I should’ve done when I had temporarily moved the domain of this site to another. but oh well.

that’s about it for the website, now let’s talk about my main YouTube channel: when will I upload new videos, and when I do what will they be about?

really it depends, part of the time is probably going to be of reviews, skits, animations, whatever i can think of, plus that one webseries I have planned and began working on.

(on the topic of YouTube, I’d like to thank you all for helping me get to nearly 600 subscribers!)

I’ll most likely post an update here every once in a while regarding any of these, and if not on my twitter.

in the meantime, I’m also working on more 3-D (and even some 2-D) art and if you’d like to keep updated on those check out their individual portfolio pages and my twitter page.

alright, that’s about it for this checkup. see you around. Frix