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tired 09-05-2019

hello, here’s a few quick updates about this site

first of all, i have decided to change the headers for each page. originally I had used various built-in photoshop filters for the pages. as you can see now they have pictures, mostly of clouds, however there’s a couple of exceptions from page to page.

second, the layout of the blog. I wanted to fit more entries onto one page if need be, however it was complicated to do with the other layout. (speaking of, you can still view it here) so I had went to work fixing that, and by fixing that I mean I redid the ENTIRE layout of the blog, rewriting the CSS from scratch (mostly) and everything. one of the goals for the blog was for it to work perfectly on mobile devices, which you can see working here. as for the entries, that’s probably going to take a while just to replace the theme, and at the moment I’m just testing things out.

anyway, that’s a bit about it for this update. see you again whenever that may be!