entries from 2020

a little housekeeping 10-16-2020

I’m still working on a new blog post right now, in the meantime I’m reorganizing the site and updating some stuff left and right. Don’t fret whenever something changes.

music make you lose control 07-14-2020

2021 EDIT: link updated as it has moved from being a subdirectory of my site to a subdomain of gwes-eas.network. While I try to write up a new blog post, why not mention a little something i’ve been working on?

As you may not already know, i now got my own radio station! well, sorta. i don’t have a license to transmit, so instead it’s hosting via icecast and does things, mostly music.

keeping up with the times 03-09-2020

looks at clock

Good heavens, look at the time, it’s been about a decade since my last blog entry. Well, time to finally come out of my slumber and talk about some things that not many people care about.