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keeping up with the times 03-09-2020

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Good heavens, look at the time, it’s been about a decade since my last blog entry. Well, time to finally come out of my slumber and talk about some things that not many people care about.

Welcome back to a new and improved PajamaFrix site! I apologize for the lack of the updates recently, I’ve been super busy with school and other projects just get in the way and just, bleugh. In the previous decade, I finally got around to improving my 3D modelling career by not making many logo remakes as I used to, and even start to work on a new website. Plus, given how I don’t think there’s anybody who reads this shit at all, so what’s the point of posting if nobody’s going to read this? People are mostly here for my portfolio and not much else.

But whatever, I’m still going to make a blog entry explaining what’s been going on in the past few months and else. With that said, let’s begin:

Park City

Around late December, I announced my departure from Neocities. Needless to say, nobody cared. Matter of fact I doubt anybody noticed that I even had a website in the first place. Since then, I wanted to give hosting my own webste a try, however there’s quite a bit of steps to take to do that, including purchasing my own domain and figuring out how to setup Apache or whatever. However, during that period me and some friends, most notably InvisibleUp formed a friend-only webspace known as Park City, and since then it’s been going pretty strong, even though some people do get pissed off at it. Check them out here!

Ever since the switch, I’ve been getting around to finishing up my website, given it’s been in limbo since the Neocities days. Sure, there’s some stuff that are still broken, such as the ‘design’ and the ‘characters’ pages in my portfolio. I also made the site more ‘mobile-friendly’ and supports up to Internet Explorer 6! I have no clue who would use that, but that’s a thing now.


I said in an old YouTube video that I’d start uploading more videos to my channel in an effort to make it more ‘variety-based’. Unfortunately it’s been about a few years since that video released and I just haven’t had the time to upload much. I haven’t uploaded much since then and it takes forever for me to get around to working on one. Sure, I’ve been more active on my other channels, FrixTheSecond and Frix’s Media Archive, however I feel like my main account deserves a lot better. Since then, I’ve been planning on making some new videos for my channel, and eventually I got around to making some new redesigns for my channels, based upon the ‘Y2K’ aesthetic, and to be honest, I’m a fan of how it turned out, though I haven’t publicly released much information about it and in various Discord servers.

With that said, what would I have planned for the channel now that I’m finally getting off my ass and working on something for once? Well, I’ve been dabbling into video essays, reviews, skits, animations, and more. For a while, I’ve used my Frix character as my avatar and persona for a while, however retired it for a character that’s based off of what I look like in real life. And before you ask, no, Frix isn’t going away any time soon. I have him planned for a webseries I’ve been meaning to get to, however haven’t had the time to do anything for. I just didn’t want to associate him with my reviews in case people would consider it as a ‘self-insert’. While yes, this character is technically a self-insert, at least it’s not getting involved in any fake relationships or something like that.

On the other hand, I’ve also been trying out other YouTube alternatives, given all the absolute horror that’s been going on regarding COPPA, demonetization, abuse, and things like that. Sure, despite all of that, it’s still YouTube, just not like how most people used to see it as. An example of this would’ve been Vlare, a YouTube alternative that’s focused on content creators and social media in some ways. Unfortunately, despite all of the guidelines to not be dramatic, things like that slip through the cracks. Reminds me of VidLii, another platform of mostly the same thing with an old YouTube skin, which quickly filled up with things like that. I know of one friend who’s staying on Vlare no matter how worse it gets, but it just never interested me that much. Sure, I may post every once in a while, but I’m not really that big of a fan. With that said, I’m just planning on sticking to YouTube for now.

When can you expect new videos from me? Well, me and various other Park City members are currently planning and working on what I call the ‘Park City Golf Collab’, where each of us get to review a specific golf game, whether it be for our childhoods, or something we discovered recently. To this day, it’s still being worked on, however expect it to come out by around late March-early April 2020, but don’t get your hopes up about it. Otherwise, I have plans to start a review in mid-March. The review will also be posted to the Articles section once finished.


I would like to conclude this post by saying stay tuned for more content this year. I said in the previous years I would do things, but I haven’t bothered with much since then. Things come around and go, and some of the time I get caught up into those and not to what I’d rather do. I really hope that 2020 is a better year for many things, especially me. Don’t forget to check out my social media pages and stuff like that, and remember, poor quality knockoffs reduce your viewing pleasure and jeopardize future site production. Check whether this site has a geniune label hologram.

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