entries from 2019

i'm done here. 12-08-2019

to clarify, this post was initially written from when I moved from neocities to park city.

holy flip, 2019’s almost over? damn! that year went by WAYYYY too fast. let’s end things off by saying goodbye to neocities, what I’ve used for my site for nearly 3 years now.

tired 09-05-2019

hello, here’s a few quick updates about this site

first of all, i have decided to change the headers for each page. originally I had used various built-in photoshop filters for the pages. as you can see now they have pictures, mostly of clouds, however there’s a couple of exceptions from page to page.

lights out! 08-24-2019

howdy. new updates, and in a quick format.

as you may have seen, the site has a completely different theme compared to the previous one. i wanted to make the site “feel more easier on the eyes” (despite the fact that there’s no difference)

anything else? not really. i’m still working on some pages. as of writing this, the misc. pages haven’t gotten a change yet (however will be changed once this is published).

I’m also planning on replacing the graphic on the front page with something different (instead of saying welcome back to the new and improved website, too old)

anyway, that’s about it for now. check y’all out later. Frix

late-may checkup 05-29-2019

salutations once again! just checking into the site and bringing some new updates to the table. now that I’m finally done with school, i’m hopefully able to start working on some actual stuff instead of being a lazy bum all the damn time.

first of all, you may have noticed (or not if you’re new here), I have finally added an archive to the blog’s sidebar. given that the site (at the time as I’m typing this) is mostly finished and I have no clue what else to add.

second, I’m also in the process of reinserting all of the old pages from the very-old site to this one. this is probably something that I should’ve done when I had temporarily moved the domain of this site to another. but oh well.

that’s about it for the website, now let’s talk about my main YouTube channel: when will I upload new videos, and when I do what will they be about?

really it depends, part of the time is probably going to be of reviews, skits, animations, whatever i can think of, plus that one webseries I have planned and began working on.

(on the topic of YouTube, I’d like to thank you all for helping me get to nearly 600 subscribers!)

I’ll most likely post an update here every once in a while regarding any of these, and if not on my twitter.

in the meantime, I’m also working on more 3-D (and even some 2-D) art and if you’d like to keep updated on those check out their individual portfolio pages and my twitter page.

alright, that’s about it for this checkup. see you around. Frix

possible webtoon? 05-13-2019

what’s up it’s ya boi frix and let’s just jump right into it:

so recently, I’ve been thinking about creating a webtoon featuring some characters I’ve created before.

the webseries name is currently unknown at this time, however the current working title will be “Developmental Hell”.

the show features three main characters, one being my persona, peejay. at the moment I haven’t decided what’s going to the main plot and/or genre, however i’m going for a bit of a slice-of-life sitcom of sorts.

and with summer just right around the corner i’ll actually have more time to work on the series and stuff like that

right now I don’t have a social media for the series however do stay tuned to this page.

anyways, that’s all for now. i’ll see you all next time. Frix

site's back!! 04-16-2019

to clarify, this was when my website was located at prevuefrix on neocities. this post was made to let anybody who linked to my website (or followed it) relink to pajamafrix.neocities.org instead.

hello, in case you haven’t already noticed, the other domain finally is back up.

yes, after about 2-3 effin’ years, the site has finally been updated. see ya there!


the return 04-12-2019

Hello and welcome back.

You’ve probably noticed that the site looks completely different than before, and that the ‘landing’ page no longer states that this site is “under construction,” instead linking to both this and my other site. You’re probably also wondering where the hell I’ve been and why I haven’t been updating this site in about 3 years. I’ll try and explain those in the best way I can…

First of all, the design. I have decided to go for, instead of a 1990s geocities-ish look, a more modern and clean looking site design, or what I would like to call a “version 5.” With that being said I have archived all of the old pages on this domain and I have plans to reupload all of that onto another domain. I have also moved some of the code from a couple of other pages on the other domain to this domain. Speaking of the other domain, at the moment the other site will not be updated like the design for this one.

That’s one out of the way, now to explain about why I haven’t been updating the site. I’m lazy. Various things get in the way and after I’m done with those I go and do something else like playing a game, taking a nap, doing school/homework, or something like that. In my opinion, websites are hard to maintain and update too often.

And that’s all I’ve been wanting to say, at least for now. In the case that I don’t add anything new or something goes wrong, I’m always active over on Twitter.

Thank you, and goodnight. Frix

the end of youtube annotations 01-14-2019


well, at the time of writing this, it’s been a while since YouTube introduced annotations, they brought good shit to us…

…and now say goodbye because google’s flushing it all down the fucking drain

R.I.P. youtube annotations -


new 'series' announcement 01-07-2019

hello and happy 2019! (2009, 1999, whatever.)

just thought I might as well stop by and talk about a new series to be on the site

introducing: pajamathrifts (this was the only idea I had for a name), a series where I talk about some interesting stuff I find at flea markets, goodwills, and other thrift stores n’ such.

the first episode is coming in a few days and will be linked here once it’s released

anyway, that’s it for now. don’t forget to rate 5 stars, subscribe, comment if you liked the video, and also check out my myspace.