Prevue Guide Emulation Tutorial

These pages contain a series of guides for emulating the Prevue Guide system software, a cable television channel that provided an infinitely scrolling program guide to cable customers.

I wrote these as there was initially a bit of confusion for newcomers trying to set it up themselves (myself included.)

These tutorials suggest you run Microsoft Windows, however should work on other operating systems.

Emulated screenshot of the Prevue Guide Channel

A few of these have been mirrored as a standalone Neocities page, however it is still very incomplete.

Table of Contents:

The latest update was on May 15, 2024.

EPG Jr. (Atari)

Prevue/ESQ (Amiga)

PC Prevue (Windows)

Hollywood (Windows)

Third-party utilities

For more resources and discussion, check out the Prevue Guide Wiki, Forums, Subreddit, and Discord server. Otherwise, you may reach out to me directly.